In 2019 I was the course coordinator for our course in Kigali, Rwanda.I developed the curriculum for the two-week long Python programming workshop. The workshop was delivered in a “Project-Based Learning” style inspired by textbooks such as Lovász’s “Combinatorial Problems and Exercises”. The workshop was a huge success with students who had never programmed before being able to understand and write a small language interpreter within only two weeks. (The credit should go to the students, though!). You can find the course materials here.

In 2018 we went to Ibadan, Nigeria. If you are interested in reading more about this experience, then you should read the article I wrote for the March 2019 edition of the London Mathematical Society Newsletter!


Project Grasp is an initiative targeting students from local Glasgow high schools, organised at the University of Glasgow by Adam Kurkiewicz, Jordan Baillie and Samko Gurský in partnership with Skyscanner. I was one of the tutors within the initiative.