About Me

Benjamin Merlin Bumpus

Mathematician & Computer Scientists.


I am Faculty Research Scientist at the University of Florida, working with James Fairbanks in the GATAS lab.

Before that:

I am Italian and US-American. I was born and raised in Italy (except for half a decade or so during which I lived in Florida) and I moved to Scotland to pursue higher education. Since then I’ve been floating around continental Europe.

Organizing Roles

I was the founder and lead organizer of the e-PCC. This is an online seminar series for PhD students across Europe in discrete mathematics and/or theoretical computer science. (2020)

I was the lead organizer of PCC2020: the Postgraduate Combinatorics Conference. (Unfortunately this was postponed due to COVID19.) (2020)

Lead organizer of the Stirling Graph Theory Spring School. The invited speakers were: Jessica Enright, Kitty Meeks, John Faben. (2016)

Get in touch: benjamin.merlin.bumpus (at) gmail.com

I’m always happy to meet new people and share ideas, so don’t hesitate to reach out!
If I’m not in my office, you can probably find me in the local Botanic Gardens! Although you should probably try peering through the many plants around my desk to make sure I’m really not there before you seek me out elsewhere.


3.5 years EPSRC doctoral research scholarship at the Universtiy of Glasgow – value: £111000.

Best in Europe (top 4% worldwide)
at the MCM (Mathematical Modelling Competition)

Prize for “Outstanding performance in the final year of a mathematics degree” – University of Stirling, Scotland.